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A  N  T  H  O  N  Y   H  U  R  R  E  N   P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

We produce cinematic style 8-15 min highlight videos with a few short audio snippets and a licensed sound track. A beautiful way to remember and relive your special day.


Standard - £1250 one camera operator 8-15min highlight film 8-10 hours coverage.

Classic - £1500 one camera operator 8-15min Highlight + Extended version with full ceremony & speeches 8-10 hours coverage.

Wedding Films

Music Videos

Tell your story with powerful creative visuals along side your music track complementing and adding drama to your lyrics and sounds.

Behind The Scenes

Tell the story of your event or shoot and inspire people with a creative behind the scenes short video.

Time Lapse

Time just keeps on ticking! speed up time to open the eyes of your audience, watch clouds race and rivers dance with time lapse photography.

Organisations & Charities

Appealing to the heart with life stories, appealing to the heart with ancient truths and beliefs.

Advertising & Promos

Breath life into your campaign with striking punchy and well crafted short promos.

Film Pricing

For pricing please arrange a free consultation to get an accurate quote. Whether you require a small or medium sized production we can find the right team to fit the job and maximize the creative potential  for your budget.

More Wedding Films........

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